Konduktööri junassa

Doing a job that makes a difference

The letters V and R together evoke emotions amongst the people of Finland. Many of us have some experience of VR or at least an opinion on it. And so it should be, because we are a key player the community.

VR has played a significant role in history and is also firmly attached to the present day. In recent years we have made major reforms in our operations, which are now reflected positively in our results. It gives us the courage and strength for the future.

The customer is always at the centre of our attention, in all our operations. We are developing sustainable services and investing in cutting-edge technology. The railway is the core of our business operations and there is a clear future for rail transport.

To achieve success we also invest in people. We want our employees to succeed and do well. That is why we are renewing our leadership and, at the same time, looking to our employees for ideas to improve our operations. We are also developing our remuneration policies and building cooperation and career paths within the group.