VR Transpoint electronic and online services

As a contract customer you can use a wide range of services online.

You can manage and send numerous transport-related documents, order transport capacity and monitor transport progress.

Electronic sales invoices

As a customer, you have the opportunity to choose from two forms of electronic invoicing.

Electronic invoicing is an efficient means of invoicing when the invoicing is based on a contract between parties and the invoicing takes place regularly. The service brings your company significant cost savings.

Electronic invoices

With electronic invoices (e-invoices), invoicing information is forwarded automatically from the sender of the invoice via an electronic invoice operator to the recipient. The same information is displayed on the invoice as would be shown on paper. The customer must have access to software that is capable of receiving e-invoices. In addition, an agreement must be signed with one of the e-invoice operators. VR Group's electronic invoicing operator is Itella Oyj.

EDI invoices

Invoicing information is sent as an EDI message to the client. VR Transpoint uses two invoicing message types – INVOIC911 and INVOIC D97B. Prior to receiving an invoice, the recipient should specify the message variants with a message service operator. VR Group messaging is operated by CGI.


For more information on electronic invoices

  • Electronic and EDI invoices: VR Transpoint's own sales contact person by phone or email