Eastern traffic R-FPZS waybill

Eastern traffic refers to rail transport to and from Russia and to and from third countries via Russia. In Eastern traffic, a waybill is required for both freight and empty wagon transport.

The R-FPZS waybill is used as the transport document for Eastern traffic. Electronic waybills are primarily used in transports between Finland and Russia; their details can be found in the Asiakirjat app. By saving the export waybill in the Asiakirjat app, the waybill data is transmitted from us to RZD in Russia.

A paper waybill is always used for Russian transit traffic; it is exchanged at the Russian border station from the R-FPZS waybill to the SMGS waybill in export traffic, from the SMGS waybill to the R-FPZS waybill in import traffic.

You can find the waybill filling instructions (only in finnish) on Traficom’s website.

Purchase invoice and packing list information can be saved as an attachment to the export waybill in the Asiakirjat app.

Other considerations as a forwarding customer

The import waybills of a forwarding customer are processed in accordance with the forwarding instructions received from the recipient. We will save the waybills of empty wagons according to the return instructions. The instructions must be submitted using the attached forms before the wagon arrives in Finland. The delivery addresses of the forms can be found on the forms.