Finnish-Russian railway bill


In VR Transpoint’s transports, the new waybill form and filling instructions pursuant to the treaty which entered into force on 22 December 2016 is used starting from 14 June 2017.
You can find the waybill filling instructions on Traficom’s website.

Transports from Finland to Russia, other CIS countries, the Baltic countries or other more remote countries are shipped with the international railway transport waybill for transport between Finland and Russia (R-FPZS).
When transporting items to other countries through Russia by rail, it must be noted when filling in the waybill that the waybill will be changed into a SMGS waybill at the Russian border station (Buslovskaja, Värtsilä or Kivijärvi).

If the transport is heading to Kaliningrad’s railway stations or Russian railway stations that are located in the Kazakhstan area,
please ask for additional instructions: or +358 30 73 5020.

We offer you the electronic Documents service that helps you fill in the waybill. For further information, please contact our sales personnel or familiarise yourself with our Customer Guide.