International road logistics transport documents

Sending goods to Russia requires careful advance preparation from all parties to the delivery, so that the transport goes smoothly all the way to the destination.

We have compiled the basic steps in our guide to help get you started.
For further information, please ask our sales contact persons.


  • Complete street address information of the consignor
  • Complete street address information for the consignee (also include the consignee's INN number for Russian traffic)
  • The delivery address for the goods
  • Customs terminal (license, code) for Russian traffic
  • Departure and loading point
  • Destination
  • Terms of delivery and destination accordingly
  • Sufficient description of the goods
  • Number of items
  • Gross weight
  • Customs codes (Russian traffic): if there are two or more custom codes, the gross weight/customs code should be indicated
  • Information on dangerous goods (UN number, class, description, (gross) weight in kilograms)
  • Signature and stamp