VR Transpoint operating model and corporate responsibility

VR Transpoint implements the strategic objectives defined in the VR Group operating model, which especially focuses on the features specific to rail and road transport.

We combine certified systems in our operations

Our operating model helps our personnel and partners secure sustainable development and continuity. As based on the active training of our own and our partners' staff, regular audits and annual customer satisfaction surveys, we are constantly developing our operations towards an even more service-oriented approach.

In our operations, the special features and opportunities provided by the VR Group are taken into account, as well as promoting our common goals and other strategic objectives. In particular, the environmental promises made for 2020 are under regular review.

Rail logistics

VR Transpoint's rail logistics operations and corporate responsibility are based on a certified operating model including:

In our transport services, the most important areas of interest in rail transport are:

  • Customer and partner collaboration
  • Transport service development
  • Staff training, well-being and skills development
  • Monitoring and managing environmental emissions
  • Ensuring and developing overall safety
  • Compliance with legislation and regulations

The Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification process is a world-wide project, which aims to promote safety in the international supply chain. A company which has received a safety certificate for customs and logistics operations is entitled to access to the EU territory as a whole. Our staff are trained and made aware of the AEO requirements in our operations.

Domestic road logistics

In mass goods logistics, our operating model is supported by three certified systems:

In the bulk logistics operating environment and from the customer's perspective, the following areas are highly significant:

  • Monitoring and managing environmental emissions
  • Ensuring and developing overall safety
  • Operator co-operation, training and audits
  • Staff training, well-being and professional skills development
  • Compliance with legislation and regulations, paying particular attention to the Contractor’s Liability Act.

An AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) is a company that has received a customs safety certificate for customs and logistics operations and is therefore granted rights within the entire EU area. AEO is a global initiative that aims to promote safety and security in the international supply chain. In our mass goods logistics operations we have complied with AEO customs requirements and provided training, especially in the Cargo East Terminal.