When logistics matter

Asia's container train traffic is growing quickly

Fast and reliable container trains are becoming a standardised transport option for traffic between Asia and the Nordic countries. There are already more container trains running between Finland and China than ever before.


We are an experienced, diversified and skilled logistics provider – both on rail and road.

We offer rail logistics as well as road logistics services to answer the heavy industry’s needs – transportation of mass goods is what we do best.

Moscow office supplements the Eastern traffic service

VR Group’s Moscow representative office creates and maintains connections to the Russian Railways and authorities, creating a good foundation for railway transports between Finland and Russia. Additionally, the experts at the office ensure that the railway transports of the Finnish customers move in Russia as agreed, and they are developed according to the customer´s needs.


VR Transpoint received an excellent grade from the SQAS audit for the Borealis transports

In the SQAS audit, used by the chemical industry, the safety, sustainability and quality of the transport is reviewed comprehensively. VR Group’s result of 96 % ranks among the elite of the European railway companies.


Large investments in locomotives, wagons and information systems

VR Group’s annual investment in the rolling stock servicing freight traffic is over EUR 50 million. The production organisation will also undergo changes. The new model is based on the primary flow of goods and its processing.


The professional requirements for drivers are increased in Russia

The professional requirements for Russian truck drivers have changed, and for the better. In the future, professional qualifications will only remain valid for a period of five years at a time. After this, drivers must update their professional skills and know-how by participating in further training and an examination.


Successful eastern transport operations are the result of good team work

Our new eastern transport operations team, led by Director of Sales Antti Pursiainen, has the necessary expertise and connections both in Finland and Russia to ensure smooth transport.


Special transport services available both in the east and the west

In addition to Finland, VR Transpoint special transport and project transport services are also available for Russia and Scandinavia. Cargo transported into the west is unloaded and transferred into Swedish wagons at Haaparanta.