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VR Transpointin kaasurekka liikenteessä

VR Transpoint to introduce eight gas-powered trucks to road traffic

VR Transpoint is at the forefront of designing and operating logistics chains that aim to cut CO2 emissions with a fast schedule. VR Transpoint invests in low-emission road transport and the company's first trucks powered by liquid natural gas and biogas have started commercial traffic.

“One of our strongest assets in reducing emissions is the efficient, zero-emission, electrically driven railway transport operations, but reducing emissions is important also in road transport. By investing in low-emission transport operations, we also help our customers achieve their own environmental goals and, at the same time, this will also benefit society as a whole,” says Martti Koskinen, Senior vice president, VR Transpoint.

Logistics solutions tailored to customers are part of VR Transpoint's strategy to reduce transport emissions even further. The gas-powered trucks supplied by Volvo use liquid natural gas and biogas as fuel. The new fleet will make it possible to achieve significant emission reductions depending on the origin of the gas available.

“In road logistics, in addition to considering the fuel issues, it is also important to plan the traffic, ensure that loads are full and avoid driving without load. Our gas-powered trucks are new kinds of tank and container fleet combinations, the structure of which enables us to carry out efficient return transport – on the trip out to Finnish ports, we use the container fleet and, on the return trip, we use the tank fleet,” says Koskinen.