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Rolf Jansson appointed President and CEO of the VR Group

Rolf Jansson has been appointed President and CEO of the VR Group. He will assume his new post immediately. Prior to this, Jansson served as Senior Vice President, Logistics. His predecessor, Mikael Aro, will continue serving in a special Board capacity until the end of November. He will then be leaving the VR Group, as was previously announced, to join private equity investment firm, Triton.

Jansson has worked for the VR Group since 2009, first as Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and then with Transpoint, where he was in charge of revamping business operations and developing competitiveness.

"Rolf Jansson has demonstrated his remarkable ability to head up business operations as a manager with VR Transpoint," says VR Group Board chair, Hannu Syrjänen. During Jansson's tenure with VR Transpoint, both profitability and customer satisfaction have improved significantly. "He knows the Group, its field and its operating environment inside and out.

I would like to thank Mikael Aro, under whose leadership the VR Group has been transformed into a modern service enterprise," says Syrjänen. "The Group is in excellent shape and, following the completed restructuring, it will be easier for a new CEO to continue developing customer service and looking for growth opportunities in new business areas."

"I'm very enthusiastic to begin serving in my new capacity," states Jansson. "This is a challenging and interesting position. We want to continue developing the services we provide to our customers. All our development is based on listening to our passenger service customers as well as maintaining a dialogue with our business clients in freight services and VR Track operations. Over the past seven years, I have learned to appreciate the high degree of professional skill and commitment of our employees. I very much look forward to maintaining this spirit co-operation as the President and CEO."

Rolf Jansson:
-    Born in 1969
-    Master of Science (Eng.) and Master of Science (Econ.)
-    Senior Vice President of VR Transpoint beginning in 2011.
-    Served with the VR Group since 2009, starting as Senior Vice President, Corporate Development.
-    Previously served as Executive Director with Nordea Corporate Finance and as Management Consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton.
-    Serves as a board member with the Sarlin Group Oy Ab.