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VR Transpoint and Metsä Group have agreed on a new approach to the transport of roundwood by train

In March 2021, VR Transpoint and Metsä Group announced a logistics partnership in the transport of roundwood to Kemi’s new bioproduct mill. The cooperation is expanded in such a way that VR Transpoint is also responsible for the loading of wood at the Kainuu and Ostrobothnia loading terminals.

An effective and environmentally friendly overall solution has been designed for the transport of roundwood to the bioproduct mill to be built in Kemi. VR Transpoint offers Metsä Group a comprehensive service in the rail transportation of roundwood from the wood terminal to the mill.

What is new in the cooperation is that VR Transpoint is responsible for receiving and loading the wood at the Kainuu and Ostrobothnia loading terminals, in addition to the transportation of roundwood by train.

“The agreement is very important for us both in terms of rail logistics volumes and as a new concept for roundwood transport, where the efficiency of logistics has been increased by combining smooth loading services with transport. We always tailor solutions based on our customers' needs,” says Martti Koskinen, Senior Vice President,VR Transpoint.

“Environmentally friendly and reliable rail transport plays an important role in Kemi’s wood procurement. This is only possible with a new, co-developed approach, where receiving the wood, loading it, transporting it by rail and unloading it at the mill are designed as one seamless entity,” says Hannu Alarautalahti, Senior Vice President, Production at Metsä Group.

Annually, five million cubic metres of roundwood will be transported to the mill by rail, which means that an average of nine trains will arrive at the mill every day. Although the distance travelled by the roundwood deliveries is increasing, emissions are reduced by 20 per cent per cubic metre due to efficient railway transportation.

The goal of VR Transpoint is to halve the average loading time, which is possible with efficient and environmentally friendly loading equipment and a transport concept created in close cooperation with customers.  Oy Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ab, a company providing logistics and machinery service solutions, operates as the wood loading partner of VR Transpoint.

“Combining transport and loading enables accurate planning of work and efficient use of resources. In addition, the response to changing situations can be significantly more efficient and flexible with an overall service chain than by using the traditional decentralised model, which also increases the reliability of deliveries. Increasing the overall efficiency of logistics also improves the competitiveness of both companies,” Koskinen says.

“Flexible and cost-effective operations are a prerequisite for the functioning of the roundwood supply chain,” says Alarautalahti.

Due to the cooperation, VR Transpoint is investing in new roundwood wagons. The bioproduct mill’s railway transports will require a total of more than 400 wagons. The newest electric and diesel locomotives will be used as the tractive stock. The new electric locomotives can handle loads of up to 2,500 tonnes, which means approximately 20–25 per cent more wood per train.