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VR Transpoint introduces the first European modular freight wagon to Finland

VR Transpoint and the rolling stock provider Innofreight Solutions GmbH have approved and modified for Finnish conditions a wagon solution that is widely used in Europe. Modular Finnowaggons make railway transport more efficient by enabling heavier working loads, and the flexible wagon is suitable for transporting different kinds of freight. The first pyrite train equipped with Finnowaggons is now operating in commercial traffic.

Modular Finnowaggons make railway transport more efficient. The new wagon frame is considerably lighter than earlier wagon solutions, enabling the transportation of heavier working loads. Furthermore, modular wagons make it possible to transport different freight types on the same frame by only changing the cargo space, which makes railway transports more flexible and competitive. The wagon frame can be equipped with, for instance, containers for refined products, tank containers or cradle containers for steel coils.

“This is the first modern European freight wagon to be introduced in Finland. Thanks to this wagon solution, Y25 (the freight wagon bogie type most commonly used in Europe) has been approved and implemented for the Finnish track gauge. In future, approving and implementing new and more competitive rolling stock solutions will be faster and more cost-effective in Finland. As a structure, Finnowaggon is lightly built and durable, enhancing the efficiency of railway transports through heavier loads. We can transport the same amount of freight with fewer trains,” says VR Transpoint’s Senior Vice President Martti Koskinen.

There are currently 23 Finnowaggons in operation. VR Transpoint’s objective is to deploy 50 double wagons this year. 

Close cooperation

The first Finnowaggons began operating in commercial traffic in pyrite transports between Pyhäsalmi and Siilinjärvi in January.Before this, the Finnowaggon wagon structure had only been used in trial runs of pyrite transports. The wagons now in use have been improved on the basis of the trial run results. The Finnowaggon rolling stock solution was developed in close cooperation with the Austrian rolling stock supplier Innofreight Solutions GmbH and the customer.
“This decision was driven by the ease of use of the new transport solution and the fact that it meets our diverse transport needs. The new wagon frame makes both loading and unloading more efficient and faster. In the future, the Finnowaggon frame will also be used for liquid transports. The cooperation with VR Transpoint and Innofreight has opened up new and cost-effective opportunities for our transport operations, and at Yara we have great expectations for our future development work,” says Lasse Oksanen, Regional Operations Manager at Yara.

“Innofreight’s modular, adaptable wagons are widely used across Europe. There are 15,000 containers and 2,000 wagons in operation – and now these wagons are also available for the Finnish track gauge. It’s been a pleasure cooperating with VR Transpoint on this project. All the parties have worked together to deploy these innovative next-generation wagons in Finland and make rail logistics even more competitive and environmentally friendly,” says Bertil Leijding, CEO at Innofreight Scandinavia.

Finnowaggon facts:

  • A double wagon consists of two close-coupled half-wagons that correspond to two standard wagons.
  • In a modular wagon, the frame is separate from the cargo space. The same frame can be used for different logistics solutions by changing the cargo space.
  • The first modern European freight wagon to be introduced in Finland.
  • The tare weight of one half-wagon is less than 21 tonnes when equipped with a container for refined products (the tare weight of a standard wagon is 27 tonnes).
  • The working load of one half-wagon is 69 tonnes (the working load of a standard wagon is 63 tonnes).
  • A specific container type can be combined with truck transports in the future.