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VR Transpoint invests in rail logistics – new generation rolling stock Finnowagon under development

VR Transpoint and Innofreight GmbH, an Austrian supplier of rolling stock, have launched collaboration to develop a new type of freight wagons for rail logistics in Finland. The aim is to create a new, modifiable type of rolling stock in which the cargo space can be detached from the chassis. The new wagon models have been named Finnowagons.

– Our aim is to provide even more efficient and flexible service to rail logistics customers. This modular solution brings a new kind of agility to our logistics service. When the customer’s transport needs change, we only need to change the container and can continue the transports rapidly using the same chassis, says Rolf Jansson, Senior Vice President for Logistics.

The chassis and the container weigh less than the current wagon solutions. This makes it possible to transport larger loads per wagon when necessary, which increases the efficiency and competitiveness of rail transport.

The collaboration agreement includes the development of a prototype suitable for the railway network in Finland and, after the prototype has been approved, an order for 50 wagon chassis and the lease of the required containers. The agreement is worth about EUR 10 million. The first wagons are estimated to be in service towards the end of 2017.

- After the development of the wagons, we will continue collaboration with Innofreight to develop the containers.

VR Transpoint estimates that modifiable modular rolling stock is needed in almost all business areas in which the company seeks growth, such as for example mining and bioenergy industries. The new wagons will also be used to replace the ageing rolling stock that is going to be withdrawn, such as tank wagons. The exact number of new wagons will be specified as the projects progress and the needs are specified.

Innofreight’s rolling stock is used widely in Europe and the modifiable modular wagons are used to transport about 25 million tonnes of goods every year. In Finland, Innofreight’s container stock has already been used for instance in transporting iron calcinate and pyrite for several years, and the experiences of winter transport, for example, have been very good.