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VR's Eastern traffic negotiations concluded

VR Transpoint's co-determination negotiations resulting from the decision to stop freight traffic in the East have been concluded. Since spring, solutions have been sought in close cooperation with the personnel. The aim of the negotiations has been to secure jobs, and efforts have been made to offer work to employees in localities where work is decreasing or ending.

The starting point for the negotiations has been to gradually find different options for the situation caused by the decommissioning of Eastern traffic, together with the staff.

“The situation is challenging for all of us, as it is difficult to predict the future. The aim has been to secure as many jobs as possible, and all options have been identified in the negotiations, such as possible new jobs, retirement and transfers to different locations. However, it is unavoidable that, in certain places, the work available will be reduced or will cease as a result of the end of freight traffic in the East. Attempts have been made to offer new work to employees in localities where work is decreasing or ending, but unfortunately, it is not possible to completely avoid adjustment measures,” says Laura Ansaharju, Senior Vice President, HR at VR Group.

VR Transpoint's offices in Vainikkala, Niirala, Imatrankoski and Vartius will be closed. In addition, certain operations will be restructured and some functions related to Eastern traffic will cease. VR Transpoint and train operations staff were involved in the negotiations, with a total of nearly 2,000 people. Approximately 70 persons are affected by the adjustment needs. The changes will be implemented by the end of this year, when VR Transpoint's Eastern traffic will also end.

VR Group implements a responsible human resources policy. The Group employs transition security to support personnel by, for example, promoting employment and employee well-being during changes.