Cargo East Terminal

The terminal in Kouvola combines rail and road transports and specialises in serving the needs of the export industry.

The Cargo East Terminal (CET) is located at the logistics crossroads in Kouvola. The terminal stores and collects together products of the export industry.

The Cargo East terminal serves as an import and export terminal for mass freight consignments between Finland and both European and CIS countries.

We provide a comprehensive service from the starting point to the destination. We transport products from factories to the terminal by road vehicles or domestic railway wagons. Products are shipped from the terminal by road vehicles or international railway wagons.

It is possible at the terminal to combine or split goods flows as one delivery batch. In addition to interim storage, our services include goods handling by crane or traditional fork lift truck, re-packaging, warehouse accounting, forwarding and customs clearance.

Goods handling

The most common goods handled are paper, pulp, plywood, sawn timber, pallet cargo, large sacks and stainless steel coils.

Counterbalanced fork lift trucks that can handle products up to 4.5 tons are used at the East Cargo Terminal. There is a also a 30–tonne gantry crane, which allows goods to be moved from freight cars to trailers or vice versa.

Goods handling also includes cargo bracing according to customer needs, whether it is a container or railway wagon to be loaded for export to the East.


The terminal, maintained at a semi-warm temperature, covers an area of 25,000m2. The Cargo East Terminal has 24 rear discharge bays for lorries and a drive-in side loading/unloading area inside the terminal. The length of the rail track inside the terminal is approximately 450 metres.

Our terminal is bonded, and the Cargo East Terminal has AEO authorization granted by the customs authorities. Warehouse accounting, reporting, taking inventories and drafting consignment notes are all handled by our warehousing system, which can also be connected to the customer's EDI-enabled systems.

Customers also have the opportunity to manage their goods via our extranet, where, for example, they can check stock balances or make bookings from Cargo East Terminal to the end customer.

Freight-forwarding services

Cargo East Terminal provides expert, flexible and careful forwarding services. Our service covers all export or transit transport-related documentation services.

  • railway consignment note
  • car consignment note
  • Customs documents
  • export documents
  • import expediting