Riihimäki Terminal

Our new terminal is situated in Riihimäki and is served by good transport connections. The terminal is where we take care of the intermediate storage and processing of mass goods.

The Riihimäki terminal is suitable for the storage of many kinds of mass goods. The terminal houses both cold and semi-heated storing spaces.

In addition to intermediate storage, our services include the processing of goods, repackaging and warehouse accounting. Various goods flows can be combined or separated in the terminal.

The Riihimäki Terminal is located north of the so-called Ring Road IV and next to the motorway between Helsinki and Tampere. Delivery distances to the different areas in the capital region are short.

There is a railway connection in the delivery area, so road vehicle transports can be combined with rail transports. We provide a comprehensive service from the starting point to the destination. We can transport the products by road vehicles or train from the customer to the terminal and onwards from the terminal.

Handling of goods

We handle many kinds of mass goods in the terminal, including pallet goods, building products and flexible intermediate bulk containers.

We can use counterbalance forklifts or a wheel loader in the handling process. The handling capacity is four tonnes at the most.


The surface area of the terminal is about 7,800 square metres, of which about 1,000 square metres consists of semi-heated space and about 6,800 square metres of cold space. Unloading is possible at the rear or at the side of the vehicle.

Thanks to the rail track that will be built on the site, goods can easily be moved from the trucks to the train or the other way round. The length of the rail track in the terminal area is about 100 metres.

We take care of warehouse accounting, reporting, inventories and drawing up waybills in our warehouse management system, which can be linked to the customer’s systems through EDI connections.

Customers can also manage their products through the extranet, in which for instance availability can be checked and waybills printed.