Construction industry

VR Transpoint transports construction industry products directly to the site or to dealers for single-family houses or large construction projects.

The construction product group includes:

  • insulation materials, bricks, mortar
  • building boards for walls and roofs
  • prefabricated houses
  • concrete elements, slabs and beams for foundation and wall structures
  • light gravels, crushed gravels and additional raw materials

Our transport coordinators plan consignments on an individual basis in accordance with the industry, vehicles and destination site.

From the moment the site planning starts, a real-time industrial order and delivery system with full information management sends the required information to the factory for production, to the planner for management purposes, and to the builder.

We handle construction industry transports with versatile vehicles, including a range of cargo space solutions and goods handling equipment as well as various-sized cranes and lifting devices.

Our drivers hold the necessary work safety and numerical tax identification cards required for the construction industry.