Metal industry transportation

VR Transpoint is a rock solid logistics partner for the metal industry.

Rail transport efficiency in transporting large batches can be fully utilised in the transportation of raw materials for the mining and basic metals industry.

Road transport services complement the metal industry transport network. Road transport also allows for product deliveries to end customers.

Our operating models are always tailored with the customer in order to match their production processes.

In transportation for the metal industry, product system transport models are used, enabling efficient and high quality transportation chains to be utilised for the needs of the metal industry. These are enhanced with a specially designed fleet.

With a customer-specific transport system, it is possible to optimise the delivery process from the production line to the recipient. Whenever necessary, VR Transpoint's range of services also includes comprehensive logistics operations and management, including transportation planning, warehousing and freight forwarding.

International transport solutions are tailored with our partner networks in accordance with the transportation requirements.