Eastern traffic    

We provide diverse rail logistics export, import and transit transports and related added value services.

We are our customers’ experienced partner in export and import transport between Finland and Russia and the rest of the CIS countries.

Continuous development to improve the flow of traffic at border crossing points and optimised planning of transports together with the customer ensure functional transport solutions.

The infrastructure of export and import logistics that has been refined over the years is one of the cornerstones of our international operations.

We develop tailored solutions together with the customer and, when necessary, in cooperation with other stakeholder groups.

In addition to eastbound transport, we also provide smooth customs and forwarding services. Read more about our added value services.

Transit services

The advanced infrastructure for export transport can also be used in transit transport. We offer a competitive transit route that brings added value.

Reliable cooperation between the railways, freight forwarders, ports and port operators as well as smooth cooperation with customs ensure punctual and reliable transports.

The high technical and technological level of transit ports together with regular and reliable connections to ports in Europe ensure the quality of the transports.