Eastern traffic    

We are an experienced and professional partner in eastbound rail transport for large-scale industry. Our expertise makes cross-border deliveries more efficient.

We provide our customers with diverse rail logistics export, import and transit transports with related additional services.

We are the only operator that takes care of the entire logistics chain from the customer to the destination in the traffic between Finland, Russia and the other CIS countries – even all the way to China, if necessary. The developing railway route to China via Russia speeds up bulk goods transport between Finland and Asia.

The service package may include rail and road transport in Finland and in the CIS countries. Our services also include forwarding, warehousing and terminal services, loading and unloading and port operations. We tailor solutions according to the customers’ needs.

We also have extensive experience in the safe transport of dangerous goods and in special transport.

We have good networks and a long-term relationship with Russian railways (RZD), rolling stock operators and other partners in Eastern traffic.

Our extensive customer base consists of, for instance, major internationally operating industrial enterprises, port operators, importers and freight forwarders.

Professional planning as a forte

Expert transport planning makes punctual and reliable transports possible. We optimise train compositions and ensure the efficient rotation of freight wagons in Finland.

In the execution, we take into account the customer’s operations at the place of departure and arrival, such as wagon shunting and the prerequisites related to loading and unloading.

The traffic between Finland and Russia is carried out with wagons registered in the CIS countries, and we always take the properties of the rolling stock into consideration in the planning.

The nationwide main rail transport network enables, in addition to the operation of entire trains, the efficient transport of wagon groups in the Finnish railway network. In regular main network traffic, the train composition consists of several customers’ wagons.

The reliability and punctuality of deliveries and the management of disruption situations are among our strengths. We are capable of reacting flexibly to changes and varying volumes, thanks to our versatile rolling stock and competent personnel.

Solutions for daily changing situations can be found quickly at our service points in direct interaction with our personnel who speak several languages.

A high-quality, reliable transit route

The advanced export infrastructure of Finnish industry also serves transit traffic. We offer a competitive transit route to our customers.

In Finland, we work in seamless cooperation with ports, port operators, freight forwarders and authorities.

Finland’s advantages include its versatile port network and the accessibility of the ports by rail. The technical and technological level of transit ports is high. Finnish ports also have good and regular connections to ports in Europe.

Other factors in favour of choosing the Finnish route for transporting products and raw materials include the stable operating environment, predictable pricing for customers and the well-functioning frontier traffic.

We ensure the smoothness of the frontier traffic in cooperation with authorities and Russian railways. We have also adopted advanced digital solutions for exchanging required documentation.

It is in the interests of all of us to develop the Finnish railway network for the needs of both export traffic and Eastern rail transport.

We continuously improve our performance and services. We also actively analyse the opportunities for transporting new products in cross-border export, import and transit traffic.

Finnlog – wood imported from Russia under a new service model

We are actively seeking growth from new areas, boosting our competitiveness and aiming to offer our key customers even better services. VR Group has established a subsidiary in Russia to function in import traffic between Russia and Finland.

Finnlog will operate wagons in Russia, manage maintenance agreements and assume operative responsibility over the planning and management of wagon use in Russia.

At the moment, Finnlog is leasing wagons for the wood import traffic of Finnish forestry businesses. Our goal is to expand the operations to cover other product groups as well.