Together with our customers

Customers form the basis for VR Group’s business operations. At VR we believe good customer service is a natural part of our corporate responsibility.

We see safety, train service punctuality, open discussion and the ability to carry out reforms as essential from the customer perspective.

VR Group's three areas of business operation are working hard and reforming their operations to serve customers even better than before. Our customers are also closely involved in the development of our services.

Our goal is to produce high-quality and environmentally friendly services for our customers' needs in passenger transport, logistics and infrastructure construction.

Customer-driven solutions in our operations

VR is making rail passenger travel experiences better by improving punctuality and service, as well as by renewing our prices.

VR Transpoint provides competitive transportation solutions, where trains and trucks complement each other, together with customers.

VR Track provides infrastructure sector customers with more customer-oriented and efficient solutions, which utilise the very latest technology in their production.

The development of the different business divisions can be found in more detail on VR, VR Transpoint and VR Track's own web sites or by reading our online annual report.