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Digipalveluihimme kuuluu muun muassa kuljetustenseuranta Logistics360-palvelun kautta.

Logistics360 service

Logistics360 provides an overview of VR Transpoint’s services.

Why choose L360?

VR Transpoint operates in several roles in customers’ supply chains. Our services guarantee a smooth production process, decrease the need for intermediate storage, increase the efficiency of material flows and facilitate flexible and punctual deliveries to end customers.

  • When will my transport arrive?
  • Which loaded loads did depart?
  • Will I get enough empty wagons?
  • Is my shipment coming in late?
  • Did the loading take place timely?
  • How well has the reserved capacity matched the need?

The accuracy of transport-related information and its availability to all parties facilitate punctual and efficient operations in all phases of the transport chain.

Logistics360 has been developed to increase the transparency of information so that our customers and other parties to the supply chain can use the information to improve their operations and make them more efficient.

What is L360 currently?

Logistics360 is a web-based service tailored for mobile use for monitoring rail and road transport services provided by VR Transpoint. The service can be accessed via a web browser on any terminal device.

  • Ordering transport
  • Repeated ordering (currently for rail)
  • Shunting work order
  • Transport plans and timetables
  • Real-time transport monitoring on a map
  • Empty wagon monitoring
  • Potential disruption and deviation information
  • Reporting, e.g. volumes transported

The Logistics360 service is based on modern APIs, so everything the user sees in the service can be retrieved to the user's own systems via an API.

The service provides diverse access management options, allowing the designated administrator to grant access to data based on the location and the recipient's information or a certain period of time to the end customer, the driver performing the loading or the port operator unloading the loads.

Third parties can therefore view the information of all of their partners that use VR Transpoint’s services in a single service.

What will L360 be in the future?

The Logistics360 service is developed in cooperation with the customers. The latest reform is the shunting work orders for railway transport, which is also getting a long-term order option.

To make dealing with VR Transpoint even easier, other systems currently used by customers are transferred to Logistics360 service one at a time. The objective is to continuously improve the user experience and provide modern APIs.

In addition, in order to be more user-friendly, we are continuously developing the service on the basis of feedback received.

How is L360 used?

The credentials for the service are personal and you only need your own email address to enable it. If your company is not yet using the service, you can ask your VR Transpoint contact person for credentials. If your company is already using the service, you can ask your company's administrator for credentials.

Getting started is easy, but during the deployment phase we are happy to work with you to ensure that you can access the transports you want to see and, if necessary, help you get access to information intended for third parties

We recommend deploying the web portal before opening API interfaces. Please contact your VR Transpoint contact persons for additional information about the available interfaces and queries.