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Electricity will pull us through

Join us in speeding up Finland’s journey towards a carbon-neutral future.

Getting there together for a better world

Let's join forces and leave the transport emissions of your company in the past and create common solutions to reduce emissions. The future is on the rails.

We are part of the solution to climate goals

With our work, we support the competitiveness of industry and reduce emissions from traffic.

Approximately 22% of land transport in Finland is carried out by train. However, rail traffic’s share of the emissions is only one per cent.

The train is the most environmentally friendly means of transport. The more goods are transported by rail, the more effectively we are able to reduce the total emissions from traffic.

We want to delevelop joint long-term emission strategies with our customers. Together, we will think about and create solutions that will help our customers meet their own emissions targets.

The circular economy is part of achieving climate goals and efficient logistics is an essential part of a functioning circular economy. We have strengthened our position as a circular economy logistics operator by expanding our service and transport network on the roads.

We aim for carbon-neutral transport

80% of freight train transport is already using zero-emission electric traction.

Our goal is to increase the share of trains running on electricity to 90% over the next 5–10 years. Reaching this goal requires that the electrification of the railway network is continued.

We can already offer our customers a carbon-neutral transport chain by using renewable fuel.

We invest in energy-efficient rolling stock

In rail traffic, we invest in tractive stock.

New electric and diesel locomotives improve the efficiency, operational reliability and environmental friendliness of freight transport chains.

In road traffic, we are developing fuel solutions that are better for the environment together with our customers and increasing the size of cargo spaces.

Safety is the cornerstone of our operations

We work with our customers and partners to ensure occupational and transport safety.

We focus on proactive safety work.

Our responsibility promises