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Information about cookies used in VR Transpoint’s online services

We use cookies to ensure the smooth operation of our website and to further improve the user experience.

A cookie is a small text file stored on your device by the web browser while browsing our website. A cookie can reveal, for example, if you have previously visited our website or what kind of device you are using to access the service. We use cookies to collect data that will help us understand how our online services are being used and how well the website works. Based on this data, we can develop our services and improve their usability.

By customising your cookie settings, you can select which cookies are enabled during your visit and for what purpose we can use the collected data. Essential functional cookies are always enabled as the website cannot function well without them. However, you can customise the use of other cookies. We save your cookie settings for a period of time and we will request your consent for authorising the use of cookies again in six months.

Read more about our data protection principles and familiarise yourself with our data protection notices.

Essential functional cookies

Some of the cookies are indispensable for ensuring that our online service functions well and are safe and user-friendly. These cookies can relate to features such as fonts, language selection and display scaling. These cookies are activated automatically, and they cannot be disabled.

Statistical cookies

Monitoring and analysing the use of online services is an important part of service development. We use statistical cookies to collect information about, for example, the number of visitors and the most popular contents. This gives us useful information about which particular points should be developed. At the same time, we obtain data on the performance of our service for maintenance. We do not store or use personal information from individuals, but the data we analyse is always compiled data, such as how many times the page has been accessed and when. We use Google Analytics software to monitor the use of our online services.

Advertising and targeting cookies

We use third-party services or functionalities on our website such as embedded videos, maps, sharing buttons for social media that can set cookies on your browser. These third parties can collect your data and monitor your visits also between the online services and use the data to serve targeted advertising. Read more about, for example, how Google uses your data in advertising

Updated 3.6.2024

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