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Versatile equipment on rails and wheels

Our versatile fleet includes the most suitable wagons and cargo spaces for all transport needs. On railways, we have a diverse and versatile fleet of wagons in both domestic and Eastern traffic. In road traffic, we have transport equipment with different superstructure solutions, suited for transporting different product segments.

Rail traffic rolling stock

In domestic transport, we use our own rolling stock developed for different product segments. Various open wagons, covered wagons and bulk wagons as well as tank wagons are available. In addition, our range of wagons includes special wagons and combined transport wagons.

We also have modular rolling stock solutions, where the wagon is always the same for different transport needs. It can be loaded with a wide range of cargo spaces that are best suited for that particular transport.

In Eastern traffic, we have similar wagons registered in the CIS countries, which are wagons of different rolling stock operators and railway operators.

Finnlog offers customers wagon rental services for Eastern traffic. The services and rolling stock are efficiently tailored to the customer's transport needs throughout the chain from the sender to the recipient.

You, as a contractual customer, can request more information about the dimensions, load capacities and technical details of the rolling stock types from your contact person.

Truck fleet for road transports

For road transport, we have a wide range of open, tarpaulin and box vehicles, some of which are equipped with different unloading equipment, such as a forklift and loader crane.

In addition, our circular economy fleet is very versatile and partly equipped with diverse unloading equipment. We also have close to 1,000 demountable bodies of our own, with which almost all kinds of bulk cargo can be transported.

Our road transport services are based on long-term cooperation with contract operators.

You, as a contractual customer, can request more information about the road transport fleet from your contact person.