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Transport documents

A waybill is an indication of the transport contract between the sender and VR Transpoint. The sender is responsible for the accuracy of the waybill. Properly prepared transport documents guarantee the successful delivery of the goods.

As a legal document, a waybill is:

  • proof that the goods have been handed over for transport;
  • undertaking to carry the goods and hand them over to the recipient;
  • proof of the conditions of carriage.

Transport documents for rail transport

Preparing a waybill via the Asiakirjat app requires being a contractual customer and customer-specific IDs. As an additional service, we can save the waybill based on the information provided by the sender.

The waybill can also be submitted as an Edifact or XML message. Message traffic is always subject to a separate agreement. Contact rail logistics sales for further information.

You can prepare and submit the waybill at any time of the day; the waybill has to be delivered to VR Transpoint before initiating shunting work related to the transport and, in international transports, no later than three (3) hours prior to the planned border crossing.

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Transport documents for road transport

In road transport, making waybills and SSCC container address labels via the Logistics360 app and browsing transport documents in the transport document archive requires being a contractual customer and customer-specific IDs. Contact road logistics sales for further information.

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Transfer document

A waste transfer document is a document required by the Waste Act and must be used for the shipment of waste. The purpose of the transfer document is to verify the change of waste holder. The transfer document shall contain the information necessary for control and monitoring purposes, including information about the waste, its origin and the transporter. For hazardous waste, more detailed information is provided than for other waste.

The transfer document must accompany the waste throughout the transport and it is handed over to the recipient at the end of the transport. The transfer document shall be drawn up as at least three copies so that the holder, the transporter and the recipient each will have a copy. The transfer document or a copy thereof must be stored for three years from the date of signing.