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Vaarallisten aineiden kuljetukset

Transport of dangerous goods

What are dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods are specified in the Act on Transport of Dangerous Goods. Dangerous goods refer to a substance, which by hazard of explosion, inflammation, risk of infection or radiation, toxicity, corrosiveness or other such property may cause damage to people, the environment or property. The provisions of this Act on dangerous goods shall also apply to dangerous compounds, articles, devices, goods, empty packaging, genetically modified organisms and microorganisms.

Transports of dangerous goods by road and rail are regulated by national and international legislation.

Obligation to appoint a safety adviser

Undertakings transporting or loading dangerous goods or whose activities otherwise affect the transport safety of such goods by road and/or rail must appoint a person specially trained for this purpose as the company's safety adviser.

Additional information about the obligation to appoint a safety adviser: