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Transport orders

A transport order is the first step to a successful shipping transaction.

A correct and timely order ensures that the transport takes place. The freight transport and transport service are planned, scheduled and resourced according to the information in the transport order. Empty wagons will also be delivered to the requested loading place, if necessary, based on the transport order.

For both rail and road traffic, transport orders are made through the Logistics360 service. Use of the service requires being a contractual customer and customer-specific IDs.

For additional information, contact VR Transpoint’s sales.

Transport order for railway transport

A transport order can be placed at any time of the day, however at the latest by 11:00 a.m. two (2) days before the date of delivery of empty wagons.

The transport order specifies:

  • the required number and type of wagons
  • loading and departure dates
  • dispatch and destination stations
  • the product and quantity transported
  • any ADR information
  • payer’s customer and contract numbers.

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Wagon shunting work order (Vaihto)

In the Vaihto application, you order the unloading of the freight wagons and report the unloaded wagons for pick-up.

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Transport order for road transport

A transport order can be placed at any time of the day using Logistics360 order app. However, a pickup can be ordered for the current day at the earliest, at the latest for tomorrow, and the pickup must take place before the ordered delivery time.

The transport order specifies:

  • pick-up and delivery dates
  • departure and unloading locations
  • the product transported
  • the quantity transported
  • any ADR or waste information
  • customer numbers of the party ordering and paying.

Waybill and SSCC container address labels for the transport order can also be printed via the Logistics360 order app.

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