Transport orders

Placing a transport order is the first step towards a successful transportation event. The online service for transport orders is easy to use: VR Transpoint customers can place transport orders on the VR Transpoint order site.

Rail logistics transport orders

Placing a transport order online requires customer-specific user IDs. The accounts are created and maintained by VR Transpoint staff. Transport orders can also be sent to the Rail Logistics Contact Centre in an agreed manner. More detailed information about transport orders can be found at terms of delivery/ordering transportation.

Rail logistics online transport orders

Domestic road logistics transport orders

Customers can place transport orders and keep track of their progress on VR Transpoint's ordering site. The service allows the customer to quickly and easily place an order, as well as the opportunity to view the progress of orders and actual times. Through the service, the customer has access to the VR Transpoint logistics consignment note numbers, as well as the ability to print the transportation documents for the ordered transport.

Placing orders via MassaNet requires customer specific user IDs. The accounts are created and maintained by VR Transpoint staff.

MassaNet - Domestic road logistics online transport orders

International logistics road transport orders

We accept transport orders by email. Please send emails to:

for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus : no later than two working days before the agreed date for loading

for Baltics:

for Central Eastern Europe:

When making the transport order, please state clearly:

  • The pick-up place (Company, address)
  • Place of delivery (Company, address)
  • Desired pick-up date
  • Desired schedule for delivery
  • Whether the transport contains dangerous goods (if so, please provide full details)
  • Requirements for the vehicles and equipment (heat-controlled transport, special transport or other special requirements)
  • Requirement for freight forwarding services
  • Customs terminal (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine)
  • Contact persons (especially in Russian transport it is frequently important to know the recipient's contact person)