Kemianteollisuuden kuljetukset

Chemical industry services

We have long-standing experience in the logistics of chemical industry products in Finland, as well as in exports and imports. Eastern traffic plays an important role in transports for the chemical industry. We also handle international transport reliably and efficiently.

We provide transport of dangerous goods accepted for rail transport in accordance with official requirements in the regulations of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency and by the treaty on the transport of dangerous goods in direct international rail traffic between Finland and Russia.

The condition of the rolling stock and the safety of transport are monitored at each station and by electronic monitoring equipment between stations. A more comprehensive condition check is performed on wagons crossing the Finnish border to ensure the safe use of the wagons in the Finnish railway network.

Our wagon fleet is developed based on customer needs. In international traffic, our partner network provides a solution for transporting even more challenging materials.

In road logistics transports, we carry out customer-specific transport and rolling stock solutions required by the chemical industry. Also safe transport of dangerous goods as a supplementary service.

We customise a suitable transport solution based on the customer’s needs.

We offer our customers both electronic interfaces and web-based apps from transport orders to waybills and the tracking of transport and wagon orders.

Rail logistics services

Comprehensive solutions

The service package may include rail and road transport and combinations thereof. Our services also include warehousing and terminal services, loading and unloading, port operations and forwarding. We tailor solutions according to the customers’ needs.


The most common form of transport in the chemical industry is pendulum traffic, with the wagons designated for the said traffic circulating very efficiently as full train transports between specific departure and destination stations.

Customer Train

A solution suited for transporting large and predictable shipments, with the full capacity of the train available to the customer. If necessary, the train composition, i.e. the number of wagons, can be adapted to meet transport needs.

Wagon group

A transport solution suitable for transporting smaller shipments. Wagon group transport is carried out by trains in accordance with our trunk train offering. The fact that wagon group transports can be ordered separately for each shipment increases its flexibility. The train composition of trunk trains is comprised of several customers’ wagons.

Road logistics services

Full load

High-quality fertiliser transports for the needs of agriculture with versatile and efficient semi-trailer and full-trailer fleet, also open-top transports. Long-term experience in seasonal transport solutions.

Partial load

Reliable partial load transports for agricultural fertiliser transport with a versatile semi-trailer or full-trailer fleet, also open-top transports.

Liquid container transport

Customised partial and full load transport services using the customer's containers and tanks, where applicable.