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Monipuolinen vaunukalusto sekä vetokalusto mahdollistavat monipuoliset rautatiekuljetukst Suomessa.

Transport services

We transport bulk goods by rail and road. We have solutions to meet large-capacity logistics needs, and our services are focused on the export industry's product and raw material transports.

Our versatile fleet includes the most suitable wagons and cargo spaces for all transport needs. We serve industries ranging from forest to metal. We also specialise in transport services for the chemical industry, the circular economy and the construction and energy industries.

In addition to transport, we offer the entire supply chain with supplementary services. We take care of transport planning, loading and unloading and the preparation of necessary documents, among other services.

Our railway transports can also be flexibly supplemented with road transport on domestic roads.

Our road transport and warehousing services are based on long-term cooperation with contract operators and warehouse entrepreneurs.