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Rakennusteollisuuden kuljetuspalvelut myös purkukalustolla.

Construction industry services

We transport construction industry products directly to the site or to the reseller, for both single-building and large-scale construction projects.

We take care of the construction industry’s transports using a versatile vehicle and trailer fleet. We use diverse load area solutions, goods processing equipment and lifting equipment of different sizes.

Our total logistics service also includes high-quality warehousing services with forwarding and customs clearance services. Our warehousing services include loading, unloading and sorting services as well as outdoor field services.

Our services also cover:

  • pick-ups and deliveries at specific times requiring particular accuracypick-ups and deliveries at specific times requiring particular accuracy
  • advising of recipients or third parties
  • rolling stock solutions of a certain type or customer-specific rolling stock solutions
  • transports on public mid-week holidays, holidays and weekends
  • also safe transport of dangerous goods as a supplementary service.

Read more about our diverse supplementary services.

Our transport planners plan the loads in a customised way based on the industry, rolling stock and site.

Our drivers have the occupational safety cards and personal identity cards with tax numbers required by the construction industry.

Information management with a real-time industrial order and delivery system provides information to the factory for production, to the planner for control and to the builder starting from the project planning phase.

Large, heavy and complex loads are transported economically and safety also on rail as special transports. In many cases, a train is technically the best transport mode for special transport.

Rail logistics services

Comprehensive solutions

The service package may include rail and road transport and combinations thereof. Our services also include warehousing and terminal services, loading and unloading, port operations and forwarding. We tailor solutions according to the customers’ needs.

Special and project transports

We have long-term experience in special transport in Finland. Our expertise relating to rolling stock, loading and supporting ensures safe and smooth transport of even the most demanding transport units. Special and project transports are increasingly transported by rail as large entities. We plan the total projects and provide the required documents as a turnkey service.

Road logistics services

Full load

Diverse transport solutions for the construction product industry using semi-trailer and full-trailer fleet. Several customer-specific fleet solutions from lift curtains to efficient fleet dimension solutions.

Partial load

Reliable partial load transports with a versatile semi-trailer or full-trailer fleet.

Direct transports

Direct semi-trailer or full-trailer transports save time and are safe, ecological and flexible in transports between production plants, for instance.

Transports of large shipments

For the fast and efficient transport of large batches or volumes of raw material between specified departure points and destinations. The transport can be done by one or more vehicles.

Loading and unloading services

Loading and unloading by the driver using the customer's loading equipment and the recipient's unloading equipment. Requires loading equipment-specific driver training.

Unloading equipment services

In full-trailer fleet equipped with unloading equipment, cranes and forklifts carried on the vehicle. The service is agile when there is no unloading equipment at the loading or unloading points.