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Metalliteollisuuden kuljetukset

Metal industry services

We are a solid logistics partner for the metal industry.

We make use of the efficiency of rail transport to transport large volumes of products and raw materials for the mining and basic metal industry.

Our road logistics services complement the transport network of the metal industry. Road transports also facilitate product deliveries to the end customer. Our total logistics service includes high-quality warehousing services with forwarding and customs clearance services. Our warehousing services include loading, unloading and sorting services as well as outdoor field services.

In addition to transport services, we offer:

  • both conceptual and customer-specific planning services
  • weighing service
  • port warehousing and
  • emissions reporting.

Read more about our diverse supplementary services.

We always customise the operating models with the customer to meet the needs of their delivery processes.

In the product transports of the metal industry, we use system transport models that facilitate an efficient and high-quality transport chain for the needs of the metal industry with specially designed rolling stock.

The customer-specific transport system allows us to optimise the delivery process from the production line to the recipient. Our range of services also includes comprehensive logistics control and operation, which includes transport planning, storage and forwarding.

We offer our customers both electronic interfaces and web-based apps from transport orders to waybills and the tracking of transport and wagon orders. Read more about our diverse range of supplementary services.

Rail logistics services

Comprehensive solutions

The service package may include rail and road transport and combinations thereof. Our services also include warehousing and terminal services, loading and unloading, port operations and forwarding. We tailor solutions according to the customers’ needs.


The most common form of transport in the metal industry is pendulum traffic, with the wagons designated for the said traffic circulating very efficiently as full train transports between specific departure and destination stations.

Customer Train

A full customer train is an efficient way of transporting a large volume of goods from one place to another at the same time. Wagon Group Wagon group transports are suited for the transport of smaller batches (5–10 wagons), and they make use of the national trunk train network. Trunk trains are comprised of several customers’ wagons.

Road logistics services

Full load

Reliable and punctual full load transports with a versatile semi-trailer or full trailer fleet. We offer transport services for the metal industry across Finland. Also special fleet solutions for heavy or wide transports.

Partial load

Reliable partial load transports with a versatile semi-trailer or full-trailer fleet. We offer transport services for the metal industry across Finland.

Direct transports

Direct transports with semi-trailer or full-trailer fleet save time and are safe, ecological and flexible in transports between production plants, for instance.

Road transports of large shipments

For the fast and efficient transport of large batches or raw material masses between specified departure points and destinations. The transport can be done by one or more vehicles.