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metsäteollisuuden kuljetukset

Services for the forest industry

Our long-term experience as a transporter for the forest industry guarantees functional logistics.

We are a versatile logistics partner for the chemical and mechanical forest industry. Our long-term development work with our customers has made our delivery processes modern and flexible.

In rail traffic, we focus on regular transports and high volumes from production plants to ports and transports between production plants. Our diverse wagon range includes wagons for all forest industry needs. Comprehensive solutions for new production plants, which make rail traffic as efficient as possible, are our special expertise.

In road traffic, we take care of full and partial loads of the forest industry’s direct customer and port deliveries. Diverse rolling stock solutions facilitate the versatility of the rolling stock, synergy benefits between outgoing and incoming transports of solid and loose products and efficient delivery processes. In road logistics services, transport planning is an integral part of the comprehensive services offered in Finland.

In addition to transport services, we offer:

  • warehousing services with loading, unloading and sorting services
  • forwarding and customs clearance services
  • concept design
  • weighing service
  • port warehousing; and
  • emissions reporting.

Read more about our diverse supplementary services.

We offer our customers both electronic interfaces and web-based apps from transport orders to waybills and the tracking of transport and wagon orders. Read more about our diverse range of supplementary services.


Our timber logistics are based on the national transport system

Our customers are served by our top experts in the planning of timber raw material logistics, customer service and business development, who take advantage of our experience in best practices in the field.

Our domestic service is based on the transport system's starting areas, terminals and loading points. In domestic transport, we use our own stock of wagons developed for the transport of timber.

Rail logistics services

Comprehensive solutions

The service package may include rail and road transport and combinations thereof. Our services also include warehousing and terminal services, loading and unloading, port operations and forwarding. We tailor solutions according to the customers’ needs.


A popular and efficient transport concept for roundwood in particular; the wagons assigned to the traffic in question circulate at least three times a week between the points of departure and destination.

Customer Train

Full customer trains running regularly on specified days are a popular solution in the forest industry, especially for efficient port transport and logistics of roundwood.

Wagon group

When a few wagons are needed, we transport smaller wagon groups to their destination using our extensive trunk train network. Trunk trains are comprised of several customers’ wagons.

Road logistics transports

Full load

Reliable and punctual full load transports with a versatile semi-trailer or full trailer fleet. We offer lumber, pulp and paper transport services across Finland. Extremely flexible service for port and shipping transports, among others.

Partial load

Reliable partial load transports with a versatile semi-trailer or full trailer fleet. We offer lumber, pulp and paper transport services across Finland.

Direct transports

Direct transports with semi-trailer or full trailer equipment save time, are safe, ecological and provide flexibility for e.g. transports between production plants.

Road transports of large shipments

Return transport for the swift, flexible and efficient transport of large shipments of lumber, pulp and paper, either with a single or several transport units, for example for port deliveries and shipping.