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kiertotalouden kuljetukset

Circular economy services

We are the leading transporter of recycling products in Finland. Our service range also includes circular economy transports between between Finland, the other Nordic countries and the Baltic countries.

As a responsible operator, we have been one of Finland's main cornerstones of the circular economy for years. We are a neutral partner of producers and circular economy companies, especially when it comes to trunk transports.

We pick up electrical and electronics equipment from electronics shops and collection points and take it to processing plants. We transport paper waste either in bulk or in bales from regional collection operators to production plants.

Our circular economy fleet is very versatile and equipped with diverse unloading equipment. We also have close to 1,000 demountable bodies of our own, with which almost all kinds of bulk cargo can be transported. Our total logistics service in the field of the circular economy also includes high-quality warehousing services with forwarding and customs clearance services. Our warehousing services include loading, unloading and sorting services as well as outdoor field services.

For regular and large volumes, which make rail transport the most efficient transport solution, we can also offer the environmentally friendly Rail & Road service.

We also have the capabilities to transport diverse dangerous goods, such as liquid batteries. For these transports, we always ensure that the drivers and vehicles are suitable for the transport in question.

Our services also cover:

  • pick-ups and deliveries at specific times requiring particular accuracypick-ups and deliveries at specific times requiring particular accuracy
  • advising of recipients or third parties
  • rolling stock solutions of a certain type or customer-specific rolling stock solutions
  • transports on public mid-week holidays, holidays and weekends
  • transports between between Finland, the other Nordic countries and the Baltic countries
  • also safe transport of dangerous goods as a supplementary service.

Read more about our diverse supplementary services.

Our electronic services include the user-friendly transport monitoring service (Track & Trace , 24/7), providing more detailed information about deviations, for instance. Modern application interfaces (API) and the visual web-based portal facilitating an accurate situational picture of services and offering an opportunity to provide third parties with information about transports – everyone gets the same information at the same time.

Rail logistics services

Comprehensive solutions

The service package may include rail and road transport and combinations thereof. Our services also include warehousing and terminal services, loading and unloading, port operations and forwarding. We tailor solutions according to the customers’ needs.

Customer Train

Railway transport and the Rail & Road transport solution model are particularly suited for regular transports of large batches. The products are transported in the same containers throughout the journey.

Road logistics services

Trunk transport services

Regular or scheduled transports of recycling products with versatile three-container full-trailer vehicles. Our full trailer fleet includes demountable body trucks, crane trucks and cargo trucks with walking floors.

Regional collection and route collection services

Regional exchange and collection of recycling containers and pallets. The demountable body system provides the collection of bulk material, such as recycled metal, with three-container full-trailer combinations. Our full trailer fleet includes demountable body trucks, crane trucks and cargo trucks with walking floors.

Planning and reporting services

Our transport planning ensures timely deliveries. The real-time L360 transport tracking service increases traceability and guarantees reliable deliveries.

Demountable body service

Body services for short- or long-term rental use.