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Oikeanlainen kuormansidonta varmistaa kuorman turvallisuuden.

Safety at the heart of operations

Safety is the cornerstone of our operations. We promote safe working methods and environments in our daily work. Best practices are created through cooperation.

We work with our customers and partners to ensure occupational and transport safety. We continuously develop our operations based on the agreed objectives. The focus is on proactive safety work.

The work is paying off. In recent years, there has been positive development in the rate of accidents at work in all of VR Transpoint’s business areas. Shunting work deviations related to the organisation of freight wagons have also decreased.

Safety is a professional skill

Operating with heavy equipment and large masses requires special precision and expertise. Our personnel working in railway yards and road transport receive comprehensive safety training and induction.

Every year, we organise professional traffic safety training for railway safety employees. In road logistics, we train our drivers and contract operators as well as their drivers according to the changing requirements of the transport industry.

In addition, our employees receive separate safety training for our customers’ and partners' locations and follow their instructions without exceptions when working in their area.

We regularly discuss current safety issues in workplace safety briefings. We also increase safety awareness through safety campaigns, competitions and communications.

Attention to equipment and conditions

Our employees use appropriate protective clothing, safety shoes and other personal protective equipment, and we monitor their use. We involve our employees in the development of equipment.

We have also invested in the safety of the use of the equipment. For example, railway logistics freight wagons are safer with new handrails and steps.

At railway yards, we pay attention to safe working conditions in cooperation with the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and private infrastructure managers and maintenance operators.

Continuous improvement as part of day-to-day work

We carefully investigate all safety deviations, including those from customers and partners. We investigate the causes and implement the corrective measures in cooperation. We always learn from deviations.

We have developed the investigation of accidents, and the monitoring of safety is also more comprehensive than before. We develop safety practices and management with regular audits. The safety of our operations is certified.

We incorporate best practices from industry and research institutes into our operations, where applicable.

Towards safety partnership

We want to further intensify the cooperation with our customers and partners in the logistics chain to promote safety.

We have carried out joint risk assessments in rail and road transport and organised training related to the handling and loading of the rolling stock.

We aim for a mutually beneficial safety partnership.