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Kuljetusten seuranta tuo yhteisen kokonaiskuvan kaikille toimitusketjun osapuolille.

Tracking of transport

Tracking of transport provides all of the parties to the supply chain with a shared overview.

The tracking of transport facilitates real-time transparency into the events of the order and transport in Finland. Information about the transport vehicles and location reduces the time spent on retrieving data and managing the supply chain as well as the need for subsequent investigations. The tracking of transport also makes it possible to observe and react quickly to incidents in the transport.


With the Logistics360 service, VR Transpoint offers tracking of transports through a web-based user interface and application programming interfaces (API). The Logistics360 service makes information about both railway transport and domestic road transport available. The web user interface is built with mobile usability first, so it can also be used in mobile work. It can also be used on a computer. The language options are Finnish and English. Through the API interfaces, the tracking data is available to the customer’s own systems and can be combined with other data for further processing.

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Tracking of transport is a service primarily provided to contractual customers. The contractual customer may also allocate restricted access rights to third parties, such as loaders and unloaders, or their own customers, as necessary Third parties can therefore obtain the transport data of all of their customers that use VR Transpoint centrally from the service and application interfaces.

Using the service requires being a contractual customer, and the users must have personal email addresses. For additional information, contact VR Transpoint’s sales.

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