Forest industry transportation

VR Transpoint has a long-standing history in transportation for the forest industry, ensuring effective logistics operations.

VR Transpoint is a versatile logistics partner for the chemical and mechanical wood processing industry. Together with our customers over the long term, we have refined our transportation processes and offer modern and highly flexible services.

In rail transport, we have focused on the regular transportation of large volumes between production plants and ports.

In road transport, we manage direct customer port deliveries of full and part loads.

The forest industry products transported include:

  • product shipments: paper and pulp, lumber and panel products
  • shipments of raw materials: e.g. clay, wood chips and raw wood

Our rail stock has been developed as based on customer needs and is highly suited for both raw materials and the products we transport.

The various road transport solutions offered have in turn utilised the multi-purpose opportunities provided by modern equipment, synergies between fixed and free-flowing product deliveries and returns, and efficient delivery processes.