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Kalustoa kehitetään turvallisemmaksi yhteistyössä asiakkaiden kanssa.

We aim for a satisfied customer

To us, customer orientation means responding to customers’ expectations and good management of the agreed tasks: easy and smooth service, flexible and efficient operations, punctuality and delivery reliability as well as responsibility and trustworthiness.

Customer orientation requires understanding the customer’s business, supply chain and sector as well as the ability to adjust our operations to them, listening to the customer.

We strive to establish strategic partnerships with our customers, with the parties committing themselves to developing the operations together.

We can customise the customer’s entire logistics chain with its additional services from the factory to the port, which makes the management of the chain as a whole easier and more efficient. We and our partners have built new solutions that combine rail and road transports with port operations and other additional logistics services, for instance.

We also develop new rolling stock solutions in cooperation with our customers, making it possible to increase load sizes. This, in turn, increases the efficiency of the customer’s transports of raw materials and products.

We also draw up joint emission strategies with our customers. They make it possible to reduce the emissions of our customers’ transport chains significantly by moving transports to rail and promoting other low-emission solutions, for instance.

We develop our information systems and digital services in an increasingly customer-friendly direction

With the developing IT solutions, we can offer our customers even more extensive and detailed information about transports. With the Logistics360 service, for instance, the customer can track its transports in real time and be continuously aware of where the transports are at each time. The customer also has visibility into deviations, to which both the customer and we can can react faster going forward. The system also provides both parties with a shared situational picture and follow-up on the progress of the transport.

We also invest in active customer information and communication about disruptions.