Service products 

Road transport

Road transport is a cost-effective solution, when the need for transport capacity varies or is difficult to predict.

Road transport is also an excellent solution in cases where the transport need is seasonal or project-based.

Regular road transport

Regular road transport is a functional and profitable solution, when transport schedules and quantities are known in advance.

A systematic approach enhances operations, ensures transport quality and makes it possible to integrate the transport into the customer's production process.

A regular, standardised service and designated transport planning team ensure the quality and punctuality of scheduled transports.

Integrated road transport

In comprehensive control road transport, the carriage of goods is seamlessly integrated into the customer's delivery chain.

Dedicated co-operation, integrated information systems and the active development of shared processes achieves major total benefits.

We work together to build new logistical solutions, develop operating approaches and transport equipment alternatives, thus ensuring that the logistics solutions support the customer's business.

Comprehensive control road transport brings added value to the customer.